How I got drawn into GSoC 2018?

Participating in GSoC was nowhere in my mind at the start of this year, but an email changed a lot of things and pulled me into GSoC 2018. Lets flashback a little…

I thought of participating in GSoC 2016. GNOME was my organization of choice at that time also primarily because of my love for the cool and useful desktop applications they make for Linux and also because most of their applications are developed using C/C++ which was my favorite language at that time (I was yet not awestruck by Python and Java). Around Feb 2016, I joined GNOME newcomers email list, hanged around a bit, setup my gnome developer environment and looked at few bugs but I never got around to actually solving them primarily because I lacked determination and motivation that is required to contribute to open source for GSoC.

I joined B.Tech. program of IIIT-Delhi in monsoon of 2014. This winter 2018 semester would have been my last semester but because I took a semester leave in 2017 for my 6 month internship at Amazon, India, I have one more semester to do, i.e. I will graduate in Dec 2018. I got a job offer at the end of my internship to join Amazon in Dec 2018 after I complete my degree. In a nutshell all it means is that I didn’t had anything planned for the upcoming summers when I started this semester (I was still going through my options).

One thing I failed to mention is that I never unsubscribed from GNOME newcomers email list. It all started in Jan 2018 from a query someone asked on this list “How can I get into GSoC GNOME project?”. Surprisingly until then the thought of doing GSoC in summers didn’t cross my mind. The moment I read the mail, I got what I was looking for – something cool and fun to do in summers with pretty decent stipend (and obviously something to brag in my CV and social media platforms).  The next thing I did was to look for a project under GNOME to work on, but this time I was more interested in Python or Java related projects. I looked at a few of them and finally decided to give a shot to Pitivi – a non-linear video editing application for Linux platform.

I think this is it for this blog post. I will share my journey of contributing to GNOME so far and how I got selected in GSoC 2018 in another blog post.


1 thought on “How I got drawn into GSoC 2018?”

  1. Nice to see more Indian students getting involved in open source projects.
    I maintain a small application called gnusim8085, not big enough for GSoC. If programming a GTK application in C is to your taste then I am always looking for new contributors. 🙂


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