How I got selected in GSoC 2018?

In my previous post, I shared my GNOME (Pitivi) journey so far. In that post, I have mentioned all the issues that I resolved while contributing to Pitivi.

I was actively involved in Pitivi from mid Jan to mid March and became highly familiar with its code base. In this time, I contributed to Pitivi by resolving 5 issues and reporting 2 bugs. My in-depth understanding of Pitivi’s code base prepared me to take up some challenging tasks that I could work on in the upcoming summer under GSoC with considerable speed and accuracy. Apart from Pitivi, I also made contributions to GES (Pitivi’s back-end) which made me fairly familiar with its code base too. I closed 2 bugs in GES.

Google started accepting GSoC proposals from students this year from March 12th and kept March 28th as the deadline.

I went through the ideas listed on GNOME’s GSoC 2018 ideas page (link) and after going briefly through all the listed ideas for Pitivi, I selected “UI Polishing” idea. The main focus of this idea is to enhance user experience by improving the UI of Pitivi by completing these two main tasks:

  1. Integrating the Welcome dialog box into Pitivi’s main window and displaying projects in a more informative, discoverable, and user friendly layout.
  2. Allowing easy resizing of the video previewer.

I told aleb that I want to work on this project and he gave me the green signal to go ahead and start writing a proposal. After a week of writing a draft proposal and another week of making modifications after addressing comments from aleb and thiblahute, I finally had my proposal ready by March 27th and I submitted it on GSoC website. You can checkout my final proposal here.

The accepted proposals were announced on April 23rd and I got mail from GSoC confirming my proposal acceptance. Pitivi even announced this from their twitter account –

I am really excited after getting accepted into GSoC this year. I am eagerly looking forward to work on this project and do amazing things over the summer.

STAY TUNED for the further updates on my project 🙂

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